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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Field Level Security (FLS):

What is Field level security (FLS)? At object level we can give permission on what user can with salesforce record like user can read, create, edit, delete, view all & modify all. Object permissions we can give at object level. Now i want to restrict few sensitive fields form my users. I don’t want display these sensitive fields for all users. We can restrict fields by using field level security.

We can give read & edit permissions to the field. We can handle these filed level permissions in three ways.
1. By using “set field level security” button at field level.
2. By using “view field accessibility” button at field level
3. In profiles/permission sets we can handle field level permissions.

How can we provide filed level security?
Now in Account object object i don’t want to display revenue filed for all profiles in salesforce organization. For few profiles i want give visible permission , For few profiles i don’t want display this filed and for few profiles i want to give both visible and edit permissions. So how many ways we can achieve this? We can achieve this  two ways first is from filed and second one is from profile.

1. Field level security by using set field level security button:
Go to the filed you want to enable field level permissions and click  on Set field level security button. See the below screen for reference.
Field level security
After clicking field level security button, there you can enable that field for profiles you want give access and save settings. See the below screen for reference.
If you enable only visible check box, then user can read & edit that field. If you enable both visible & read only, then user can only see that field, he can edit.

2. By using view field accessibility button.
Go to the filed you want to enable field level permissions and click  on view field accessibility button. then you will navigate to below screen.
Field level Security
Here you can field accessibility options. Here we can manage field viability for profiles and page layouts. You can select fields in field access for field list view. If you want enable/disable permission click hyper link editable/hidden, you will get below screen.
Filed level security 
here you can select filed level security at profile level and you can select page layout options also.

3. Managing Field level security at profile level
To handle Field permissions go to profile you want choose and go to Field level security section and search for object you want enable field permissions, click on view and edit and provide permissions for required fields and save.
Field level security
Note: In profiles you can find Field level security section on profile detail page. You cannot find  Field permission on profile edit page.


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